UCF Takes the Field: The Knights Join the Big 12 in 2023

The University of Central Florida (UCF) has long been a standout program in college football, but now the Knights are set to take their game to the next level. UCF has officially joined the Big 12 Conference, one of the most prestigious and competitive athletic conferences in college sports. This move is set to take effect in 2023, and the implications for UCF are significant.

First and foremost, the move to the Big 12 is a significant step up for UCF. The Knights have been playing in the American Athletic Conference (AAC) since 2013, but the AAC is not considered a Power Five conference. The Power Five conferences are known for their significant television deals, revenue sharing, and competitive strength. The Big 12 is widely considered one of the best of the Power Five, with a history of national championship contenders and Heisman Trophy winners.

By joining the Big 12, UCF is entering an elite tier of college football programs. The exposure that comes with being a part of a Power Five conference is immense, and it will open doors for the Knights in terms of recruiting sponsorships and more. UCF has already made a name for itself as a high-performing program in the AAC, and the move to the Big 12 only enhances that reputation. With this move, UCF has a chance to prove that they are a team that can hang with the best of the best.

The addition of UCF to the Big 12 will also have a significant impact on the conference as a whole. The Big 12 has traditionally been a conference with ten teams, but UCF and three other schools (Houston, BYU, and Cincinnati) are set to join in 2023. The addition of these new teams means that the conference will have twelve teams for the first time in nearly a decade. This could potentially lead to a conference championship game, which would mean even more exposure and revenue for the conference and its member schools.

When UCF begins to play in the Big 12, they will face some of the toughest competition in college football. The Big 12 is known for its high-powered offenses and exciting play, and UCF will have to step up its game in order to compete. However, the Knights are no strangers to success. UCF has been one of the most successful programs in college football over the past decade, with multiple conference championships and New Year’s Six bowl appearances. With a talented coaching staff and a roster full of playmakers, UCF has the potential to make waves in the Big 12 from the very beginning.

Overall, the move to the Big 12 is a huge step forward for UCF. The Knights have already established themselves as a top program in college football, but now they have the chance to compete with the very best. The exposure, revenue, and competition that come with being a part of a Power Five conference will be invaluable for UCF as they look to continue building its program. With a bright future ahead, the Knights are poised to take the Big 12 by storm in 2023 and beyond.