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About Karen Arbutine

Karen Arbutine is the realtor you want to have in your corner. Whether you are selling your current home or buying your next house, you won’t find a realtor that cares more about her clients than Karen.

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Top Tier Services

Highly Acclaimed

Karen Arbutine believes that each and every client deserves concierge service and this shows in the countless letters of gratitude that she proudly displays in her Lake Mary office. Karen is a leading authority of Central Florida real estate and has been recognized as such through the countless awards and accolades she has earned in her 20+ years in the industry.

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Representing Central Florida

Benefits of Working with a High-Volume Realtor

The high volume of production that Karen represents each year is not only something that she is very proud of but is also an accomplishment that benefits every one of her clients. There is something to learn on every home and during every negotiation. The reason Karen knows how to handle every situation is because she has dealt with literally thousands of contracts.

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Impeccable Reputation

Most new clients are referrals

Karen believes that representing her sellers and buyers professionallycompetently and confidently is the reason that over 75% of her new clients are referrals from her past clients.

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7 Days a Week

Timely Responses

Nothing is more important than getting clients answers when they have questions. When your home is on the market or when you are trying to make an offer to purchase your next home, every minute matters. That is why Karen personally responds to calls 7 days a week to help her buyers and sellers. Although Karen is always on-the-go, she is never too busy to answer questions and give advice to her clients that count on her support to get them to the closing table.

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Record Setter

Karen Brokered the Highest Price Home In Seminole County FL

Karen holds the record for selling the highest priced home in all of Seminole County. This record-setting home, that sits on the Markham Woods Road corridor, was written about by National news outlets, featured in several magazines and is something that Karen is still asked about often.

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Not Just Luxury

Helping All Buyers and Sellers

Whether your home is valued at 200K or 12 million, Karen treats all of her customers the same. She uses the same thorough process of marketing, communicating, negotiating and closing with each and every person that she works with, regardless of their budget and price point.

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