“The Best of the Best” Lake Mary Living

Why do so many families desire to live in Lake Mary? According to Money Magazine, the most “family-friendly” places are smaller cities with a combination of economy and community. Many cities made the list, but very few made the top of the list. Lake Mary is a quiet yet busy town. It has a small-town charm that defines Lake Mary. There are plenty of economic opportunities and numerous activities for residents to enjoy. There is a variety of upscale dining areas as well as shopping which makes this town as convenient as Orlando, with very little traffic. The location of Lake Mary is 45 minutes away from theme parks and beaches. Lake Mary’s median income is over $80,000 per year. You may purchase a 2000 sq. ft. home for under $300,000. The state’s top-ranking golf courses are here ranging from Timacuan to Alaqua. Besides the leisure outings, Lake Mary has one of the lowest crime rates in Florida. This is mainly due to their pro-active police department and fire rescue, making this place one of the state’s safest communities. A big-economy job center with a small-town feel makes Lake Mary a winning combination!