Introducing Winter Park Village’s Newest Addition – Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar

Winter Park Village, a high-end commercial center in Florida, has recently added another luxurious tenant to its revamp. The Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar is the newest addition to the revamped tenant lineup, and we are excited to share with you all the details.

The Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar is a fusion of classic and modern. The bar features a classic island-inspired vibe and a contemporary style that merges flawlessly with the elegant ambiance of Winter Park Village. The bar boasts a large seating area and a private dining room with up to 60 people.

CASTO Southeast, a leading real estate developer, made this latest addition to Winter Park Village’s tenant lineup possible. CASTO has been involved in the Winter Park Village revamp and has significantly attracted high-profile tenants to the commercial center.

Brett Hutchens, CEO of CASTO Southeast, said, “We are thrilled to welcome the Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar to Winter Park Village. Their unique blend of island-inspired cuisine and contemporary cocktails is a perfect fit for the sophisticated and upscale environment of the Village.”

The Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar offers an impressive menu featuring fresh seafood, island-inspired cuisine, and signature cocktails catering to all tastes. The bar also offers a happy hour from 4-6 pm, where guests can enjoy select cocktails and appetizers at discounted prices.

The island lifestyle inspires the bar’s design and features an extensive collection of Tommy Bahama’s signature artwork, furniture, and decor. The artwork and decor used throughout the bar are a testament to the attention to detail and design that Tommy Bahama is known for.

Winter Park Village has many other high-end tenants, including retailers, restaurants, and luxury residences. Adding the Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar is another step in the center’s journey to offer visitors a premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination.

In conclusion, the Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar is an excellent addition to Winter Park Village’s revamped tenant lineup, offering a unique blend of island-inspired cuisine, contemporary cocktails, and a sophisticated ambiance. The bar’s attention to detail and design is a testament to Tommy Bahama’s commitment to offering a world-class experience to its guests. We invite you to visit Winter Park Village and experience the new Tommy Bahama Marlin Bar.