Do Homes Need Rain Gutters or Not?

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When we think of rain gutters do we generally feel we need them to suit a purpose or are they simply decorative to make the home look nice? Many of my clients ask me this very same question daily in the real estate business. The answer is: the purpose of a gutter and downspout system is to channel rainwater landing on the roof away from the foundation. If a house is surrounded by concrete patios, sidewalks, or driveways sloping away from the foundation, a gutter system really isn’t necessary. If there is no hardscape surrounding the house to channel water away from the foundation then you may want to consider having them on your home.

Gutters may also be used for use to catch the water coming off a roof over a doorway and channel it so that rain falling on the roof doesn’t fall on your head as you enter or leave the house on those rainy days.

To enhance the beauty of your home, gutters can provide some architectural interest to the eaves.

How much rain your region receives or the area around the foundation of the home would be a factor to determine if you need rain gutters or not. Otherwise, you can use them for cosmetic purposes to make the home look pleasing to the eye.

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