Stephens Pass Cove

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Stephens Pass Cove

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Welcome to Stephens Pass Cove, Lake Mary, FL A prestigious enclave nestled in the heart of Lake Mary, Florida. As the leading luxury realtor in the area, Karen Arbutine is delighted to present an exclusive insight into the captivating properties that adorn this remarkable neighborhood. With over 37 extraordinary properties found on Stephens Pass Cove, Lake Mary, you are invited to discover the allure of this coveted address and explore the opulent lifestyles it offers.

A Glimpse into Stephens Pass Cove

With a meticulous eye for detail, Luxury Realtor Karen Arbutine presents a comprehensive overview of the properties that grace Stephens Pass Cove. This luxurious community boasts an average lot size of 10,583 square feet, providing ample space for comfort and privacy. The neighborhood is a masterpiece of architectural elegance, with homes meticulously designed and constructed in 2011. The result? A harmonious blend of modern sophistication and timeless beauty that resonates throughout the community.

Exquisite Home Values in Focus

A hallmark of Stephens Pass Cove is the exceptional value of its residences. An average home value of $332,984 reflects the unparalleled quality and sophistication that defines the properties within this community. Each home tells a unique story, and Karen Arbutine is dedicated to helping you discover the one that resonates with your lifestyle and aspirations.

Elevating Your Real Estate Experience

As a Luxury Home Realtor, I understand that purchasing a property transcends mere transactions – it’s about embracing a lifestyle. As a prominent luxury real estate figure, Karen Arbutine has an unrivaled passion for helping you find your dream home. With a dedication to excellence, transparency, and personalized service, Karen Arbutine is your trusted partner on your journey to uncover the finest real estate opportunities in Lake Mary and beyond.

Unlock Your Dream Lifestyle Today

Step into a world of elegance, luxury, and opulence at Stephens Pass Cove. Luxury Realtor Karen Arbutine welcomes you to explore this remarkable community and discover the exquisite residences that define Lake Mary’s premier address. Contact us today to embark on a journey celebrating the art of living and the pursuit of refined living spaces. Your dream home awaits – let Karen Arbutine guide you every step of the way.

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