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Altamonte Springs

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Altamonte Springs is a great community for families and young adults. Many of this city’s subdivisions are located along Palm Springs Drive, Maitland Ave. and Montgomery Road. Some of the city’s older developments that were built in the 1970s and 1980s are nestled around smaller lakes that are away from the city’s popular shopping district. The popularity of shopping in Altamonte started in this area because of the Altamonte Mall, which was the first mall in the entire region and today this area is called ‘Uptown Altamonte’.

This is a popular shopping and dining area still today, and it offers many retailers and eateries for locals to enjoy. If you are looking for something to do on the weekend, you can find plenty to enjoy in Altamonte Springs. ‘Uptown Altamonte’, which is the region close to the mall, is more than 25 acres of grounds surrounding a 40 acre manmade lake. This shopping area consists of over 40 retail stores and shopping centers. Multiple hotels and business centers also make up this large shopping district. The rest of Uptown Altamonte is centered on enjoying the Florida weather. Just a few steps away from the shopping you will find natural beauty. The 40 acre lake area features a walkable park complete with a beautiful 2.5 miles wooden walkway. This park is called Cranes Roost Park. “I like to take my dog for a walk around the lake as the walkways are nice and it’s fun to be out and about amongst other people that like to enjoy the outdoors. Though it is only a short hour drive to the beach sometimes I don’t feel like driving and Altamonte gives me the enjoyment of being on the water.  The walkways on the lake make you feel like you have been transported to the coast. Though you are in the heart of Central Florida, as you enjoy a walk on the boardwalk on a sunny day, it is as if you are on vacation.” Karen shares. “The Uptown Altamonte area gives you both the serenity of nature but still being close to all the creature comforts that city life has to offer.” explains Karen.

Several large community functions are held here at the park’s outdoor amphitheater throughout the year, making Uptown Altamonte one of the most popular features of this city. In the spring the city hosts outdoor movie nights they call ‘Sunset Cinema’.

In addition to the Uptown Altamonte area, Altamonte Springs is perfectly located near the Seminole-Wekiva Trail for biking and hiking. This muliti-city trail is a nearly 14-mile paved recreational trail designated as one of ‘Seminole County’s Showcase Trails’ because of its length and beauty.

Altamonte Springs states on its city website that it is ‘a city born of innovation, fiscal responsibility, and progressive ideas’. Altamonte has a perfect blend of community spirit and bustling activities that help create a wholesome environment for both residents and visitors. Tree-lined streets and beautiful natural parks reflect the charming and unique character of what locals call home. The robust events program is the most exciting in the region. Hosting more than one million visitors each year, the City’s programs infuse into our community a sense of excitement and entertainment while enriching our diverse social fabric.

An excellent school district, including Spring Lake Elementary, Milwee Middle and Lyman High School, many families move to this Seminole County city for its highly rated school system.

Schools Nearby

  • Lake Brantley High School
  • Teague Middle School

Things To Do Nearby

  • Cranes Roost Park
  • Altamonte Mall
  • The Picture Show
  • Congo River Mini Golf