What to look for in a Financial Advisor

Great Tips on what to look for in a Financial Advisor and the key to Lifelong Financial Success from Eric of Ameriprise Financial on American Dream TV with Power PlayerTM Karen

American Dream Featuring Eric Reinhold of Ameriprise Financial

"There's really one thing that's important to do to have lifelong, financial success..." ~Eric

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Eric comes with a wealth of experience in the business and industry and I would love for you to meet Eric!



Eric Reinhold, CFP®, APMA®, MBA
Vice President / Financial Advisor
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I am at Winter Park Racquet Club in Winter Park Florida where I am co-hosting an event with Eric Reinhold, a certified financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial. Eric is a graduate of the US Navel Academy where he studied business and economics and he is an amazing financial planner! He comes with a wealth of experience in the business and industry and I would love for you to meet Eric.

What sets you apart or differentiates you from other financial planners?

One of the big hurdles I always tell people to look for when talking or interviewing for a financial advisor, is that there is so many people that call themselves financial advisors. You have people that say they are stock broker, a wealth asset manager and so forth. One of the things that sets people apart is just the hurdle of becoming a certified financial planner. That designation takes 2 years of education, and there is a 2 day rigorous test that you have to pass. Only about 50% of the people who take it, pass it. So that's kind of a baseline. But really the 3 things that set apart above and beyond that, one is the number of clients that an advisor will work with. I've been in the business 26 years and most of my peers work with about 300 to 500 clients. I'm not sure how they do that? I work with about 75 households.

So you are more of a niche?

It is but just being able to have the time to spend because that is one thing that carries over to another issue that is important to me. That is while I help people in a lot of different areas of planning, so whether it's retirement or taxes or investment management - so forth, The asset management side is the area that I really specialize in. Advisors, some of them out there I call asset gatherers, I've had potential clients come in and talk to me and say, "Eric, I went in and I was interviewing this person, they asked me 10-15 risk challenge questions, and that I want portfolio 6 of 8"

With me, I don't have anybody else do the asset management. I do that.

There's really one thing that's important to do to have financial...lifelong, financial success. And while I don't like spoiler alerts with movies, here, the answer is that you need to spend less than you earn, over long periods of time. There are so many things, and they can either work together, or work against each other. A lot of people ... they piece-meal things together over time and sold this insurance policy here and over here they bought an annuity and maybe they are doing their own investments? Things can work against each other instead of together. So, one way I really save people a lot of money is to try and coordinate their advisors - coordinate that together so that they have a streamline.

What if someone wanted to reach you moving forward?

The best way to reach me is on my phone which is 407-241-4294 or to email me, eric.reinhold@ampf.com

I really appreciate the insight into the financial world and everything you offer the clients, and I thank you so much!

Thank you!

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