Today the Federal Reserve Cut Interest Rates

Today is the Time to Buy or Refinance your Loan

In an effort to restore calm, the Federal Reserve cut policy rates by a half-point.

Feds Cut Rates
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Even though the Fed rate cut does not directly impact mortgage rates, we are at historic lows with the average 30-year fixed mortgage rates around 3.5%

Current Mortgage Rates
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So what does this mean?


  • If you were thinking about moving up, now is the time. Contact a local mortgage lender (@MonteroMovement) and get pre-approved and start looking for your dream home. Send me the specs of your perfect home and I can look through the "coming soon" inventory to see what might be a match.
  • What is your current mortgage interest rate? 5%? 6%? Look into refinancing your loan for a lower monthly payment, or shorten your loan, or take out money for home improvements or for paying off high-interest credit cards.


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