Florida lawmakers failed t renew funding for the Sunshine State's solar rebate progaram before the legislative session ended on April 30th, leaving the future uncertain for local solar firms.

The program which paid solar panel system installation rebates to homeowners (up to $20,000) and businesses (up to $100,000) fell victim to the state's $3billion budget decifit.  Funding for the progam initially ended in 2008, but last year solar companies and consumers got a short reprieve via $14.4 million in federal funds that dept the program running.  However, that was depleted by last June.

Although the rebates weren't guaranteed, more than 8,000 people are in line for as much as $25 million in rebates that may never be paid.

The $1 trillion US renewable energy and energy efficiency industry, which includes solar, wind, water and other renewable energy technologies, employs more than 3.9 million people.  The solar panel contracting industry in Florida will be devistated by not renewing the program's funding.