When you purchase your home remember resale value matters, whether your home is on the market now or your plans are to sell in several years in the future. When you make improvement to our home you should always consider and keep in mind the resale value of those improvements.


Accessorizing existing features in the home can be a more cost efficient alternative to making major improvements.  Accessorizing is a great way to increase the value of existing home features such as, adding window box planters to the home, adding blinds to the home or installing cedar wood on your exterior patio ceiling to enhance the beauty.


Outdoor spaces are attractive to buyers, sprucing up the outdoor spaces is a low cost way to make the most of it.   Give the area a thorough cleaning , look at cosmetic ideas to add appeal to the area.  Built in seating and flower planters are among the hottest deck trends this summer.  Add a few to your deck and it will cost less than building a new one.  Add an awning  to make the deck have more appeal and help buyers envision themselves enjoying the deck in the heat of the summer.

Blinds of every type are now available for skylight, including venetian blackout and roller blinds.  Blinds can allow you to better control the flow of light and heat into your home though the skylight as well. 


Accessorizing can help you make the most of the beauty and features your home already has!