Having clean carpets is important when your home is on the market.  Spills and accidents do happen when it comes to carpet.  Here are some tips on removing spills and spots:

Food Spots:  First, pick up all of the food, if it's an older spill, gently scrape all of the dried food off of the surface of the carpet.  Next put a bit of your hand washing dish detergent into a spray bottle filled with hot tap water.  (Approximately 2 drops of detergent to 2 Cups of water.)  The spray the area and proceed to blot (don't rub).  Use a clean, white, absorbent towel.  Continue this process of spraying and blotting until your desired results are reached.

Wine Spots:  It does not matter what kind of wine has spilled, what matters is how you take care of the spot or spill.  First, blot and absorb up as much of the spill as you can.  Next, get your hand dish washing detergent solution (see above) and mix 1 part of this solution to 2 parts hydrogen peroxide.  Thoroughly spray the spill then place a piece of plastic wrap over the area so the hydrogen peroxide solution can have a chance to do its job.  Let it sit like that for approximately 2 hours.  Next, remove the plastic and go through the rinse/blot routine until the spot is rinsed clean.

Candle Wax Spots:  Many people burn candles in the home and sometimes they do get knocked over and the wax spills.  If the wax spot is fresh, blot up as much of it as you can.  If it's an older spot, scrape off as much as you can without doing any damage to the fibers of the carpet.  Next, grab your iron and some clean, absorbent towels.  Warning:  Your carpet fibers can melt or burn, be careful - do not set the hot part of the iron directly on your carpet.  Set the iron on the lowest possible setting to melt the wax.   Always keep a dry towel between the iron and your carpet.  Keep repositioning the towel to a clean spot to keep that wax transferring from the carpet to the towel.  If there is still color on the carpet from the wax, you may need a professional to remove it.

Urine Spots:  If the spot is fresh, cover the area with baking soda and let the area dry completely (not the whole room.)  Then vacuum it up.  The baking soda pulls the stain out and works amazingly.  If the spot is older and already dry, use the same method described for removing the wine.  Do not use scented powders, they make odors worse and do not sprinkle powders over a whole room to help the odor.