Seminole State College wants to purchase about 25 acres land which would speed up school's expansion plan.  The 25 acres of land is occupied by three car dealerships as part of a multimillion dollar expansion plan for its 9-acre Altamonte Springs campus.  The proposed land purchase would more than triple the size of the Altamonte college campus.

The land under consideration consists of four parcels owned by RCJ of Winter Park, which is an entity related to Holler Classic Automotive Group, the owner of several area car dealerships.  The property includes:  4.74 acres of vacant land being leased by the school for overflow parking for up to 300 cars.  12.2 acres occupied by Classic Chevrolet, 5.6 acres occupied by Hummer, and 2.88 acres occupied  by Classic Audi.  The college got two appraisals for the land.  One appraisal was for $18 million and another for $19.5 million.  

The project would allow the school to grow the programs and potentially double its number of  students at the campus.  The campus opened in 2008 with 2,823 students and only 563 parking spots, and already is at capacity with 3,719 students.

Nearby business operators think that the proposed campus land buy and expansion would be good for the area with more students buying lunch at nearby restaurants.