Moving can be quite expensive.  A full-service interstate move costs about $4,300, while the same in state move might cost about $2,500, according to the American Moving and Storage Association.  Here are some tips on making your move with lower costs and less hassle.

Do-it-yourself is the cheapest, costing the rental price of a  truck, gasoline, packing materials.  A full-service move, moving within a state is charged by the hour, while moving across state lines is charged by weight and mileage.  A hybrid move, which is relatively new, a mover will drop off a large container at your home for you to pack.  It will then load the container into a truck, drive the belongings to your new locations and drop off the container for you  to unload.  Because you are doing the manual labor of packing and unpacking, it is less costly than a full-service move.

Declutter:  Taking less stuff is cheaper and less hassle.  Throw out, recycle, donate and sell unwanted items.

Be Flexible:  Summer is the busiest time for movers and most expensive time for consumers especially near the 15th and 30th of the month near the weekend.  If you have flexibility, ask what rates would be for different days or seasons. 

Save on Boxes:  Buying new boxes from a moving company is the most expensive choice.  As if you can buy used boxes from your moving company.  The cheapest, is finding free boxes from someone who just moved.  Ask your real estate agent to connect you with other clients who recently moved or look on

Packing materials:   If you are packing yourself, fill suitcases, laundry baskets and plastic containers with unbreakable items.  Use pillows, scarves and towels to wrap fragile belongings.