Orlando Ranks Top 5 in the Nation Among Best US Cities to Start a Career

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It’s easy for visitors and locals alike to understand the appeal of putting down roots in Metro Orlando.  In addition to the obvious natural beauty of the area, the lakes and mossy oaks, the palm trees and tropical flowers, the area boasts a thriving arts community, museums and festivals, a brand new half a billion dollar plus performing arts center, professional sports teams, an exciting culinary scene, easy access to beaches and theme parks and amazing weather. 

Those considering the area will be happy to discover that the City Beautiful has something else to offer, as well.  For the second consecutive year, Orlando was ranked in the top 5 out of 182 possible cities across the country on WalletHub’s Best Places to Start a Career.  The city took the second spot in 2018 and this year, it came in fourth.  Two main criteria were examined, Professional Opportunities and Quality of Life.  Between the two, 29 different metrics were weighted and the composite scores compared.  

Some of the factors taken into consideration in the Professional Opportunities category were:  

  • Entrepreneurial friendliness
  • Monthly starting salary
  • Annual job growth
  • Employer - based retirement access and participation
  • Unemployment rate 
  • Underemployment rate
  • Economic mobility 
  • Job satisfaction, and 
  • MSA GDP growth rate

The Quality of Life score looked at the following, among other factors:

  • Median Annual Income
  • Average Length of Workweek
  • Commuter friendly jobs
  • Average commute time
  • Share of adults age 25 and over with, at least, a Bachelor’s degree. 
  • Housing affordability
  • Projected population growth 
  • Family and single riendliness

For a more detailed dive into the methodology, please see the source data: https://wallethub.com/edu/best-worst-cities-to-start-a-career/3626/#methodology

If you’re interested in finding a new home in a beautiful, vibrant community with no state income tax and great career prospects, call Karen.