According to William Fruth, president of the economic research firm POLICOM, Orlando FL ranks 27th out of 366 metropolitan areas across the United States, and No. 1 in the fourth most populous U.S. state. A combination of 23 economic measurements were used to determine the economic strength of each city.

Orlando FL shows tremendous economic strength due to its strong economy and long-term tendency of consistent grow in both size and quality. According to U.S. Labor Department data, Greater Orlando FL has added 23,000 jobs -- a 2.3 percent increase - in the year ended February 2011, which accounted for almost half of the total 50,000 jobs that Florida's slowly healing economy has added.

Despite the Mickey Mouse vibe, Orlando FL is home to the Medical City at Lake Nona, a biomedical complex in Orlando Florida. Lake Nona's expansion has been "explosive." Lake Nona in Orlando FL also known as Medical City is developing rapidly and quickly becoming one of the hottest areas for Orlando FL Real Estate. Lake Nona is destined to have the most significant economic impact to Orlando since the arrival of Walt Disney World.

The synergies at the Lake Nona Medical City have potential to change the structure of Orlando's economy, according to Henry Fishkind, founder of the economic and financial consulting firm Fishkind & Associates.

The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute broke ground in a 600-acre Lake Nona pasture that had been given the hopeful name of Lake Nona Science & Technology Park. This has paved the way to numerous job opportunities boosting the Orlando Fl economy.

Since then, a University of Central Florida College of Medicine, M.D. Anderson-Orlando Cancer Research Institute, Nemours Children's Hospital, Orlando VA Medical Center and University of Florida Research and Academic Center have opened, or are in the works.

The explosive growth in the Lake Nona Fl area is projected to have a nearly $8 billion impact by 2020.

With current market trends, Orlando FL Real Estate appeals to relocating companies because of its "screaming bargain" real estate prices as well as economical strength. Along with Orlando International Airport and the direct flights to almost anywhere in the world. Orlando FL seems to be very much one of those cities of the future that's still very young at heart and has a lot of growth ahead.

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