Florida is now the center of the basketball universe for perhaps the next decade.  We now have LeBron James and his super friends with the Miami Heat.  The two-time MVP, James sent South Florida into a frenzy with his free-agen announcement. People honked horns and cheered in bars, and the Heat quickly sold all of their season tickets for the coming season. Never has pro basketball looked so enticing and intriguing, even when Shaq played for the Heat and Magic.   Everyone is going to be watching what happens in Miami.  

We have Superman in Orlando with the Magic along with the new Amway Center this season.  Howard is one of the leagues' most popular players and has been the driving force behind the Magic's comeback as a franchise and their 68 consecutive sell out streak (including Playoffs).  He has helped them to an NBA Finals appearance two years ago and to back-to-back 59 win seasons