Most Expensive Home Sale in Seminole County

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Markham Woods Corridor, "Street of Dreams"

I often get asked how I brokered the most expensive home sale in Seminole County at 8.2 Million (a record that still stands today). Watch as my friend Tobi & I take a stroll down memory lane or as they like to call it in the Markham Woods Corridor, "the Street of Dreams". ? ?


Hi, it's Karen Arbutine. I am here in. The Street of Dreams Longwood Florida this is one of the most prestigious Parcels of land in Central Florida. This is where I brokered the most expensive home in Seminole County at 8.2 million dollar sales price!

Now Karen, you are known as one of the top agents in all of Central Florida. And you are really well known for all of your marketing. Can you share a little bit about what you did to actually find the buyer, for this record-setting transaction?

Well that's a question I think everybody wants to know, because its has been asked of me a million times. But prior to the Internet being a huge huge way to find buyers and sellers and do marketing, I was on the cutting edge five years before internet technology. I had a huge website and I advertised this home and many others on the Street Of Dreams. They were having a huge open house for four weeks straight and through that advertisement I did find the right buyer for this home.

Now I can imagine that it's one thing to actually get that contract on an eight point two million dollar transaction but it's another ball of wax to actually get it closed. Where there any special skills you needed to actually get it across the finish line?

Well the negotiating was from A to Z, Soup To Nuts, that was the main part of the transaction, negotiating, negotiating, negotiating! That's my strong suit and I will say that's what took us to the closing.

Now the last time I looked Karen, this was still the record holder for Seminole County, is that right?

Correct, absolutely it was the highest transaction ever sold in Seminole County

So, if someone today wanted to put your expert negotiating skills to work for them, what's the best way to get in touch with you?

Call me! I'd love to talk real estate with you! 407-928-3788



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