The following list is a general guideline on appliances and small electrical products and their life expectancies.  Keep in mind that the life expectancy listed here is just a general guideline - depending on the model and brand of appliances you buy and how well you treat them, your product might last longer or might need replacing even sooner.

APPLIANCE                                       LIFE EXPECTANCY (Years)

Air Conditioners  (Room)                    10

Air Conditioners (Central)                   15

Boilers (electric)                                13

Boilers  (gas)          21

Compactors 6

Dehumidifiers 8

Dishwashers 9

Dryers (electric and gas)       13

Freezers               11

Furnaces (electric warm air)              15

Furnaces (gas warm air)                   18

Furnaces (oil warm air)                     20

Garbage Disposers       12

Humidifiers  8

Microwave Ovens 9

Range/Oven Hoods       14

Ranges (electric)       13

Ranges (gas)                   15

Refrigerators             13

Refrigerators (compact)                9

Thermostats       35

Washing Machines       10

Water Heaters (electric)                    11

Water Heaters (gas)       10

Water Heaters (tankless)                  20+