Lake Nona developer Tavistock Development Co. LLC has partnered with Miami-based Crystal Lagoons US Corp., which is a firm that designs and provides technology for palatial man-made recreational pools to resorts, residential developments and public parks.  The plans announced by Tavistock for a luxury resort in Lake Nona, near the U.S. Tennis Association complex on Lake Nona Blvd.  The projection is to feature a $2.2 million-$3.3 million, 11 acre Lagoons as the centerpiece of the resort.  The project is expected to attract more guests as well as potentially raise real estate values in the area.   The Lagoon is projected to be approximately 8-12 feet deep and it will not include marian life.  Plans are not finalized but it is expected to lead as the largest project to date in the U.S. for Crystal Lagoons, which features include white sandy beaches, palm trees and landscaping around planters situated in a park like setting.