Karen Features Ivanhoe Village & M Bar on American Dream TV

On our latest episode of The American Dream, Karen talks about another hidden gem in Orlando - Ivanhoe Village and sits down with one of the business owners for a chat. This fun spot is capturing a lot of buzz in and around Orlando! The M Bar features over 60 rare & vintage cars, video arcade games, and has a great ambiance  Thanks to Tim Majors, owner of The M Bar, for this unique glimpse.

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to Orlando! Today we are going take a look at the Lake Ivanhoe District, one of the most historic areas in Orlando. As you walk down the quiet streets you will find a lot of sidewalk cafes, art galleries, restaurants, and eclectic antique shops. Don't let the quiet streets fool you, by 7 o'clock the town comes alive at the M Bar & Lounge, right at the heart of the Ivanhoe District.

This sophisticated gathering place features over 60 rare & vintage cars, video arcade games, and great ambiance. The rooftop bar offers panoramic views of downtown Winter Park and Orlando. It's an awesome place for an event, and entertaining guests.

I started collecting cars about a decade ago when I moved to the states. So, I had them in a warehouse in Altamonte Springs, collecting dust. When we decided to put the cars on the first floor, it was never going to be open as a bar. It was a private kind of place for myself, and a few friends. And then everyone that came to the M Lounge wanted to come downstairs and look at the cars, so after the first few months of the upstairs being open, we said, ok - let's turn this into a bar.

What a great idea! So tell me a little bit Tim about your clientele?

We're in between Downtown Orlando & Winter Park - Great Location - Great locations, and College Park. College Park, there appears to be a void in College Park of really nice places to go out. We seem to get a lot of College Park people here.

Nice! I've traveled all over the world and I've never seen a concept like this. The first time I came here I was so captivated by the collections & what you have to offer. Any plans on expanding and opening another one in the future?

Maybe, I'm looking at a location now. We are actually doing a lot internally here, which has got our attention right now. Opening up the restaurant 2 doors down, so we'll have a full kitchen in the next 3 months and the restaurant following that. We are opening up a member's club in a separate place on the second floor. Business people in town can become members, but also have their own bar, their own lockers. So that is on the to-do list in 2019.

Well I know it's capturing a lot of buzz in and around Orlando and a lot of people love coming here. It's a great entertainment place and I just want to thank you for giving us a moment of your time.

Thank You.

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