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"I didn't have to worry about anything."

Please watch this great testimonial from my dear clients - Pat & Frank
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Video Transcript:

Hi, today we are here with Pat & Frank, my dear clients. On Markham Woods Road, they just closed a gorgeous, huge house. Frank, what are some highlights that you all were pleased with about the transaction?

Well I guess the highlights was the real estate company. I hired them specifically because I knew it was an auction house, and they were all over the world, and I figured they could bring me a buyer, and they didn't produce and I believe the agents I had didn't have the skills to do it.

And then I got a hold of Karen here...and things went rather fast. I got a buyer; we're settling today and going to have the money in our hands the next day or so, because of her (Karen) and she's under commission too.

And we had two backup buyers if the first one didn't product.

Yeah, we had two backup buyers, sure; and I'm very pleased with RE/MAX. In fact, I almost went to work for RE/MAX up in Maryland.

As a former broker, and 30 years experience, he hired another excellent broker. So we have to love that!

Thank you Karen; you did a good job! You communicated with me, you answered my calls, you scheduled everything where I didn't have to worry about anything. I originally thought I would sell it myself, and I'm glad I didn't because you've taken care of the hard work.

We appreciate that so much! Thank you!