Jeno Paulucci's Private Residence Remodeled

    Jeno Paulucci started off not in real estate but instead in food production. One of his original successes was Chun King, a line of canned Chinese food, that he ended up selling for $66 million dollars in 1966 (which would relate to a little over $500 million today accounting for inflation). Two years later in 1968 he made the company Jeno's Pizza Rolls, inventing the pizza roll by originally filling an egg roll with pizza toppings, and then branched out to other flavors before eventually selling this company to Pillsbury in 1985, for $147 million (which would be around $1.1 billion today), who then rebranded them as Totino's Pizza Rolls.

    In the early 1980's Paulucci began developing a extravagant community named Heathrow after the British Heathrow airport in London, seeking to replicate the airport's extravagance  in a high-class neighborhood. The exquisite entry gate and golf course were in place by 1983, with all of the original lots sold very soon afterward. His original plan was for the community to only consist of multi-million dollar houses. Heathrow did not end up being quite that pricy, but is still one of the most upscale country club communities in central Florida.

    Paulucci's home was bought in April of 2020 for $400,000, renovated, and is now back on the market for $875,000. The house has two front doors, one going into the living area that is 40x30 feet (in which he held gatherings of business leaders and dignitaries, including President Lyndon Johnson), and one to a family flex room that used to be Paulucci's office. The bedroom wing of the house can be found behind the kitchen/flex room area, and out back there is a large pool and pool house with his and her bath and changing rooms, as well as a summer kitchen.

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