A new endeavor for Lake Mary High School, offering two programs in both forensic science and legal studies.  Seminole County Public Schools goal is to provide a variety of opportunities for the students to explore possible careers.  Lake Mary High School provides forensic science and legal studies as its programs of emphasis.  These programs wer developed to for students to work with the professional community embers as well as Seminole State College to connect and direct their potential career paths.    The enrollment is designed to provide credit hours to SSC Students who receive these credits may receive an A.A. in criminal justice, political science (Pre-Law), or forensic science: an A.S. in criminal justice technology, fire science technology, or legal assistant or a certificate in home land security.  Many of the credits may apply to UCF as well.  The requirements for eligibility are; students who are zoned for Lake Mary High School, students eligible for an approved Choices transfer option or a limited number of ninth-grade Program of emphasis transfers for the forensics program only.  There are 225 students enrolled in these classes.