The time to purchase a million-dollar home has never been better than the present!  Custom builders have a vast selection of luxurious homes they have been unable to sell in the soft real estate market, now appear to be the ones taking on water.  Several builders are tying to unload masterpiece homes at half the price they had been asking in 2007. Many builders "built at the high end of the market and now they are going to have to sell at the low end", long time custom builder, Kim Goehring states.  Nearly 650 homes in the $1.2 million to $4 million price range are for sale in the Orlando area.  They have been on the market approximatly one year or more accordin gto the Orlando Regional Realtor Association.  Sales in the million dollar category have fallen in the first half of 2009.  In the first six months of the year 66 homes have sold compared to three years ago 256 homes sold in the same time frame. "It is a great time to purchase if you are going to be in it for three or four years" says realtor, Karen Arbutine with Re/Max Central Realty.  You literally could ot build these homes for the price they are selling for. One sensitive subject to the luxury buyers is trying to secure financing.  Federal regulators and lending instutitions have made it very challenging to qualify for thse type of jumbo loans and the interest rates are  near 8.3 %.