eco-tree.jpgIn this tough economy and ever changing environment, getting the maximum value from selling your home is hard. Every little bit you can do to increase your sales price helps. That’s were eco-friendly home preparation comes in to play. Scrubbing your home down so it sparkles like new. Nothing can take the place of a spotless home. A clean home smells better and is more attractive to potential buyers. There a plenty of “Green Cleaners” that can be used that are not harsh on our environment. Make sure you clean inside and out. A good pressure washing on the outside will make everything look like new. Now that your home is all clean, you may want to repaint your home's exterior and interior to give it a fresh, new look. There are low- and no-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints available and recycled paint made from bucket leftovers. By carefully cleaning your brushes and rollers, you can make them last longer and be usable for more paint jobs in the future. Trays can also be cleaned and reused. Reusable drop cloths can be used for years instead of temporary plastic ones. Re-use the old furniture instead of buying new. Reupholstering or covering the old couch and chairs will bring a new look and feel to your living spaces. Give life to your old tables and chairs. Add a coat of leftover paint and tighten the screws. Brighten your kitchen. The kitchen is a key selling feature to your home. You should make it shine. Clean down the cabinets and countertop inside and out with eco-friendly cleaners. If your cabinets need an update, consider re-staining them for a new look. Re-staining and reusing is less harsh on the environment. Replace old appliances with new can be better for the environment - replace your old stove and refrigerator with ENERGY STAR certified ones, which use less energy than appliances from former years. (And don't forget to buy certified appliances for your new home!) Your old appliances can be disposed of at your local recycling or reclaim center. Bathrooms are another high selling point for potential buyers. Be sure to scrub your bathroom down. You can also replace your old toilet with a new ENERGY STAR low water flush toilet. This will help to conserve water. Flooring can be updated with merely a good cleaning. Further work on hardwood floors can be effected by repairing isolated spots, sanding and re-staining. Carpets can sometimes look completely new with a thorough vacuuming and steam cleaning. Preparing your home for sale the eco-friendly way can be easy! Just adhere to the principles of "reduce, reuse and recycle" for an environmentally responsible home preparation. If you are interested in buying an eco-friendly home, please contact Karen Arbutine & Associates at 888.727.7778. They can give you a list of eco-friendly homes on the market.