Mention Lake Mary and you get images of business and a resort-like city. But remember that Lake Mary offers the locals and the visitors more things to do than a day doing business and playing golf. This is a place as well for the artsy individuals- the ones looking for great entertainment done in taste and style. The city plays host to many events every year, and every year a different set of events will surely meet the demands of the locals and the visitors. For 2008, the city hosted the 22nd Annual Lake Mary-Heathrow Festival of the Arts. This festival is known as a premier event that combines first class entertainment, world class art and also craft exhibits. Last year’s festivities play host to more than 50,000 people who viewed the artists’ works and for thus year the same number of people or more is expected as well. For this year’s edition of the festivities, the festival is set to return to Oval Park in Heathrow just off the International Parkway. The festivities will also put at the center the well-known Classic Car Show and other festivities will also be announced in the coming months. The aim of the festival is to inspire and also develop an appreciation for quality art forms as made by the artists and at the same time award scholarships to the local students who aims and desires for an advanced education. This said event is just one of the many events that bring flavor to Lake Mary and one of the reasons as well why this city looks good in the eyes of the locals and home buyers. In fact one of the best reviewed cities in the US is Lake Mary. For an A-one location like Lake Mary, you need help just in case you are setting your sights in the area. We tell you; let Lake Mary Fl Remax group help you in realizing your aims.