How about a golf course that runs through the town’s center? Sounds like a site straight from the golf-lover’s design handbook, isn’t it? Well this isn’t just the product of the imagination of one loyal golfer-cum designer. This is a reality and has been adopted. This was adopted in the city of Lake Mary, and that golf course is the Timacuan golf course. A golf course in the middle of the city is the right accent that you need to make a town look like a resort town, and that’s exactly what Lake Mary is. Lake Mary is acting like a resort town for those in need of a relaxing break and for locals who need a respite from every day work and stress. But more than the golf course, there are many things here that make Lake Mary top-notch and help make a Lake Mary FL Real Estate one of the most sought after. You see for the year 2007, a survey was run by CNN Money and it was found out that the city of Lake Mary figured prominently in the list of the ‘best places to live in the country’. To put the exploits of the city in proper perspective, the city of Lake Mary scored well and placed in the Top 5 nationally and this ranks first in Florida. So it’s not a wonder that those who seek a day or a week’s vacation are all figuring out that this city is the place to be. The latest population is pegged at 13,200 and the city is known for the big-economy jobs yet you have that small-town feel. And here’s one thing that should raise eyebrows out there; the city of Lake Mary collects no income tax. That’s sweet and perhaps this is one of the small reasons why the real estate here is sold fast.