Florida and Central Florida are considered as two of the top tourist destinations in the country. Florida is one state that gets one of the larger shares of visitors in the country and the central part of the state is getting roughly half of the number of visitors. With that in mind, it can be said that the area offers a number of opportunities and sights for the locals and the visitors as well. But what makes the area of Central Florida such a big tourist draw in the country? Central Florida is the area where the Walt Disney World, the SeaWorld and the Universal Studios Florida are located. These are just three of the many tourist draws in the area and the reasons as well why many are venturing into this part of the state. With that the area effectively contributes to the tourism industry of the state and at the same time offers investors and business people with a lot of opportunities for growth and development. Businesses who may want to expand its trade and its reach can see Central Florida as a perfect place for doing business. So it isn’t just home real estate that is popular in the area, but a Central Florida Commercial Real Estate is alive and well in this part of the state. Projects are on-going in the area right now and a number of buildings and real estate are being constructed in the area almost on a daily basis. From Class A offices and commercial buildings to Class B buildings; these are just some of the many improvements that are being made in the area. Restaurants are getting the entire buzz in the area, and these are some of the properties that have been selling well right now. With these kinds of movements and activities in the area, it’s no wonder why Central Florida is one of the country’s leading tourist draw.