What makes you desire Orlando? If you’d ask me back, I’d say it’s the awe-inspiring beachfronts that pull me closer. But others would hesitate to say it aloud because of the privacy issue. Some people believe that privacy would be at stake if they live in a beachfront community. Mum’s the word? You’ll lose the chance to say your piece. Certainly, there could be public beach access. In Florida, ocean beach is public. What does that mean? Well, anybody can enjoy the water and the panorama. Any person can freely lie anywhere seaward in front of your estate. Would you consider the beachcomber an intruder? Whatever your contention may be, Orlando remax realty would surely agree that beach access could be limited in some ways. Consider the gap of your estate to the high-tide mark. So as not to be worried about your privacy, be sure that you have ample space in between. Another worthy consideration of living in a luxury beachfront is maintenance. Facts are obvious, salt spray is the culprit behind corrosion. Even materials resistant to sea air are found rusty after considerable exposure to such. Moreover, privacy isn’t a primordial concern. It is money. Be ready to shell out a handsome sum upon purchasing a beachfront in Orlando. Also, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars for your maintenance and replacement of materials. Your pleasure does not end in purchasing an Orlando beachfront. It continues day by day. But along the pleasure is the enduring responsibility to maintain the beachfront.