Stunning yet serene. Those are the words that perfectly describe my dream haven. But just when I am starting to think that it’ll be quite impossible to find such place here in America, I found this small city in Seminole County, Florida. And yes, it’s a Lake Mary FL real estate! I’ve found it (thanks to the suggestion of my very good real estate agent). The gorgeous Mediterranean community, which flaunts luxury without underrating tranquility, has this handsome brick house overlooking an irresistible garden. Mesmerized, I stared at it for a while. Overwhelmed, I think I wanted to stay much longer. I love the estate home. I love the environment – the beckoning trees and the exotic flowers surrounding it. I love the golf community. Yes, I love its totality. It’s the perfect haven I’ve long been searching for. True, the sight was breathtaking. Matter of fact, after seeing the place, I found myself in front of my computer trying to exhaust all information I could about Lake Mary and the sense of community I will be facing as soon as I decide to move in. What did I find out? Well, I found that the city takes pride in its commitment to sophisticated living. To note, it is now one of the fastest cities in Central Florida when it comes to development. Business, education, recreation, and other things necessary for an excellent life – name it, they’re all there. So, would you blame me if I decide to retire there or maybe live there as soon as I can?