If you are a Floridian whose residence is a single-family, detached, site-built home you may be eligible for a free home wind safety inspection. If your home passes you could end up paying less on home insurance. Central Florida homeowners are getting discounts without adding a thing to their home. The end of hurricane season this month could be the start of your savings. The program is called My Safe Florida Home. The purpose of the program is to strengthen people's homes, and make sure their insurance company is giving them the discounts they deserve. Consumers can receive approximately $200 off insurance premiums all without having to make any repairs. If your home doesn't have the features that can get you a discount, the inspector's report will recommend that you get them. The state also offers a matching grant of up to $5,000 to help pay for your home improvements. Not everyone is eligible to get a free wind inspection. To find out whether you qualify, click here to visit My Safe Florida Home's Web site.