Florida govenor Charlie Crist signed a historic deal with the Seminole Tribe Of Florida that could generate millions of dollars for the state while allowing Blackjack, Baccarat, and Vegas stlye slot machines at seven Indian casinos. This agreement will give gamblers more options at the existing Indian casinos located throughout the state. Currently the only table games allowed in Florida are Texas Holdem Poker and Five Card Stud poker in addition to bingo style slots which really don't provide good odds for winning however with Backjack and Baccarat coming soon to a casino near you, the odds in these games give the player a better chance of winning opposed to the favoring the "house." The Indian tribe will pay the state of Florida on average of $100 million per year with the new compact. This sounds like quite a bit of money but is only chump change compared to the billions and billions the tribe takes in at the seven casions here in Florida.  So brush up on your blackjack skills and get ready to double down as we create gaming historty in the great state of Florida.¼/p>