As a business person in my sales and management career in the past years I have always found my secret to success quite simple. It is a basic philosophy I have used in business through out the years which is quite simple. I put my clients best interests first! I treat my clients and give them advice as I would with a family member. Honesty, integrity and sincerity is how I treat all of my valued clients. When I take this approach everything else falls into place as it should. A few associates in my business question my approach by saying " You have to look out for yourself". I disagree strongly and attribute taking care of my clients first to be my true passion in the real estate field. Simple gestures such as helping clients make their mortgage payments, lending them money for home repairs, giving them closing gifts, making myself available for their calls and returning them quickly are just a few examples where I manage to help my clients. In a nutshell " Always Do The Right Thing When Nobody Is Watching". If you practice this business will continue to thrive under any circumstances. Published by Karen Arbutine with Re/Max Central Realty