A recent poll for best cities to live was released by Moody's Economy.com.  Studies and results showed that Jacksonville ranked No. 11 and Orlando ranked No. 7 out of 379 metropolitan areas in what the web site calls its "Business Vitality Index."  This index rated Austin, Texas at the top of the list. An associate economist Adu Addo, with Moody's Economy.com researched and compiled the data that went into Orlando's ranking.  She said each city's index is bases on available data from 2005 since not all of the 2006 data is available.  The ratings used three main indicators which were Current Economic Conditions, Prospective Economic Conditions and Economic Risk. We can be proud of the fact that there are 12 Florida cities in the top 50, by far the most of any state. 1.  Austin, Texas 2.  Fort Walton Beach, FL 3.  Corvallis, Ore 4.  Raleigh, N.C. 5.  Fort Lauderdale, FL 6.  Boise City, Id 7.  Orlando, FL 8.  Huntsville, AL 9.  Sioux Falls, S.D 10. Fargo, N.D. 11.Jacksonville, FL 12. Portland, OR 13. Phoenix, AZ 14.  Idaho Falls, ID 15.  Tampa, FL 16.  Fort Collins, CO 17.   Bethesda, MD 18.  Billings, MT 19.  Albuquerque, N.M. 20.  Nashville, TN 21.  Las Vegas, NV 22.  Santa Ana, C.A. 23.  Washington, D.C. 24.   Denver, CO 25.   Atlanta, GA 26.   Dover, Del 27.   Dallas, TX 28.   Naples, FL 29.  Charlotte, N.C. 30.  Fort Worth, TX 31.  Charlottesville, VA 32.  Houston, TX 33.  Bend, OR 34.  Bismarck, N.D. 35.  Tallahassee, FL 36.  Panama City, FL 37.  Fayetteville, AZ 38.  Minneapolis, MN 39.  Salt Lake City, UT 40.  Cape Coral, FL 41.  Columbia, MO 42.  Rapid City, S.D 43.  Missoula, MT 44.  West Palm Beach, FL 45.  Longviw, TX 46.  Port. St. Lucie, FL 47.  Colorado Springs, CO 48.  Logan, UT 49.  Manchester, N.H. 50.  Ocala, FL