4. Add some photos. Try having your favorite photos blown up then frame them. You can find inexpensive frames at your local craft store. 5. Lighting makes a huge difference. A lot of discount and home stores are stocking inexpensive lighting options that can make a big difference in a room. Spotlights that plug into existing outlets can direct light to features you want to emphasize, such as art or plants. 6. De-clutter. By going through your rooms and get rid of one-third of your furniture and junk you will instantly add space that potential buyers will notice. 7. Give the yard a good clip. Trim back the trees and shrubs that block the street view of the house and especially the windows. This will give your home curb appeal. 8. Create areas of interest in your yard. Start with one small section and create a focal point. Install a birdbath, bird feeder, arbor or bench with copious amounts of flowers and plants around it to create a small sanctuary. 9. Make and outside area look bigger. To make an area of the yard look larger, use curving pathways and sidewalks instead of straight ones. 10. Use everyday objects in new ways. Sometimes the secret to less-expensive decorating is to look at things differently.