In 2009, there were 34 lightning fatalities in the United States, with Florida ranking number one with five of those deaths.  People are often under the assumption that if they do not see lightning or only hear thunder, they are safe.  This can be a deadly mistake.   Lightning can strike from more than 15 miles away.  Here are a  few additional lightning saftey tips:

Stay indoors and don't resume outdoor activities until 30 minutes after a storm  has passed.

Get out of the water.

Stay away from metal objets as they conduct electricity.

Unplug electrical devices if possible.

If you cannot find a proper shelter, avoid  the tallest objects such as trees.

Drop to the ground immediately if your skin starts to tingle or the hairs on your arms raise up, as lightning may be about to strike you.

If a person is struck by lightning, it is safe to render aid as soon as possible after the strike, it is a myth that they have an electrical charge or that you will get electrocuted.

For more information on lightning safety, contact the Lake Mary Fire Department at 407 585-1422, or you can visit www.