Get the Highest Price per Square Foot for Your Home

I have a system - This is just one part.

? How do I consistently get my clients the highest price per SqFt in their neighborhoods? It's no coincedence, let me break it down for you... The trick? Knowing how to work with appraisers.?

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Tip on Getting Highest Price/Square Foot


Hi, many of my colleagues asked me how do you dominate neighborhoods and get the sellers the highest price per square foot? Like anything, you have to have a system and when I sit down in front of a client, the first thing I tell them is if they're selling their home is you have to have a system to get the highest price per square foot. Now, having the system is a great thing for an agent to have, but the seller also has to be on board with wanting to get the highest price per square foot, because it can be a very unnerving process for them; and very uncomfortable for them. So one of my major weapons is when an appraiser calls to Value the home, once it's under contract, I vet the appraiser. I make sure that he or she is local to this particular community and knows it very well. It's very common for appraisers to come from thirty to fifty miles out to appraise a local home just to get the job. So once I vet the appraiser, I meet him at the home and I walked him through the home. As I'm walking through the home, I give him an upgrade detailed list of all the upgrades this home features. Secondly, I give him a list of the recent sales that have happened in the neighborhood. And then lastly, I give him a professional 6 page marketing book, full color, of everything this house has to offer. Very often many times these appraisers try to rush in and rush out of the home and do the appraisal and then they don't have all the facts that they need. It's always best if you have your listing agent that's representing you being there to tout the home and show its best best qualities first hand. That's only one of several things in my system that I used to get the seller the highest price per square foot. And let me tell you, I have dominated many cities in Central Florida and got many sellers the highest price per square foot for their home. You can count on me to going to bat for you to get the highest price per square foot your house will bear in this market today. I'd love to talk real estate with you.



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