Highlights of a Heathrow Home & a Visit with Pastor Gregory

Karen shows us Heathrow Florida and one of her new listings in that community. She also talks with Pastor Gene Gregory about how important it is to give back to your community and help others.

The First Baptist Church of Lake Monroe
We live to praise him!

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to the opulent community of Heathrow. Many of my clients have asked me, in the past, how did Heathrow get its name? Very good question, Gino Palucci founded Heathrow in 1985 and coined it after British Royalty. Hence the name Heathrow Florida.

Let's go look at one of the homes, I have currently on the market in this community.

Welcome to 397 Gilston Court. This magnificent home in Heathrow is a total showplace. What I really love about this home is the kitchen. It has huge, massive working island and really awesome, crisp cabinetry and state-of-the-art appliance package. The master suite is on the first floor which makes it really appealing. It also has an on-suite that is great for a baby's room or workout center or an office. If you are interested in this newly marketed Heathrow home, give me a call and I'd be glad to show it to you.

I also wanted to let you know, at this time of year it is also great to give back to the people in the community. One of the corner stones of my business is giving back to people and organizations who do good in the community. And I want to introduce you next to a really dear friend of mine Minister Gene Gregory of the First Baptist Church of Lake Monroe. He's really doing some great things for the community and we want to talk about it.

Well Gene I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to come meet with us. It's really a blessing to have gotten to know over the years. Tell me a little bit about how long you have been involved with the ministry.

Well I started as a youth pastor about 30 years ago and I've been pastor for about 25 and I've been at this church about 8 years now.

That's awesome, and what's one of your biggest take-aways, or your biggest joys in the ministry? A story that might of touched your heart that you could think of?

We have an NA group that meets here as well. I get excited when I see people being able to come out of that background. A life where they are throwing away their life and they are destroying, and that ah-ha moment when they realize that their is more to the world and more to life than that stuff and they come out of that background and get their life on the straight and narrow and realize the importance of sharing and giving. That is the importance. That's always encouraging to see the turn around. A dad able to go back to his family and his wife and his kids and they see a new man. That's neat.

Wow, I can see that being a huge moment for you. And one of my big beliefs is a Luke chapter 6 verse 38 is to give to people and it will come back to you and that's just a huge thing for me and they way I live my life by and I want to give you this little token of my appreciation for members of the congregation that may need help this time of year.

Thank you so much.

And it's just a real blessing to have this opportunity to speak with you.

Thank you very much Miss Karen, we sure appreciate this and appreciate you giving us the opportunity to help to minister to more people in the community.

Thank you!

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