If you are hoping to move into a new place, get ready to see your house get compared to a number of other "comps". "Comps" is a term used to refer to other houses that are similar to your own. Most often, the valuation of your house will be based on the value of other houses in the neighborhood. So if you are new to the house buying business, it would be sensible to look out for a home where the other houses in the area seem to have a standard. If you are looking to swap your current mortgage plan for a less expensive one, much would depend on the way in which you have kept your house. The appraiser wants to be sure that you will be taking care of your place. So make sure that your house looks neat and clean. We all know about the power of the first impression. In this case, your house has to make a favorable first impression. This is the question of a lot of money. So try and ensure that your home looks as beautiful as ever. One way to do this would be to eliminate all the clutter. A cluttered house generally seems to suggest dirt and messiness. So hide away all the junk and create the illusion of space for the appraiser. An clean and airy house gives off great vibes, and this could get you a good appraisal. If you like, you could go in for some home improvements before the day of the appraisal. A paint job might be a good idea as well. However, see to it that all the renovation work is completed by the time of the appraiser's visit. Incomplete renovation work will ruin the good impression and it might influence the appraiser to make an unfavorable appraisal. Whether you are looking for mortgage or a refinance loan or are simply trying to release your house's equity value, remember that the house needs to make a good impression.