The largest black bear on record was trapped and killed by Florida Wildlife officers on Sunday in Longwood, FL.  The palatial 740 pound bear had been know for grazing a high end community Alaqua Lakes.  Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservaton Commissions opinion was that the bear did not likely grow to 740 pounds by eating its typical diet of berries, nuts and sabal palm hearts.  It would have had a diet of curbside garbage instead to reach this weight.  Several residents have complained of the boldness of the large black bear with a white chest roaming the streets of the luxury community.   The fact the bear did not fear humans was the reason for its demise.  Adult male black bears weight on average 250 pounds, though they range between 125 and 600 pounds according to the American Bear Association.  Female bears typically max out at 300 pounds.  According to FWC the size of the bear mattered less than its behavior and comfortable surrounds of a neighborhood.    The agency was forced to euthanize the bear that had demonstrated its extreme comfort around people.