Need to get out of the Florida sun and cool off?  Many Floridians run for the pool on those hot summer days

Recently Florida lawmakers passed legislation to require pool pump sellers  to dump old powered wasting models for newer ones this summer.   A statewide law is to go in effect July 1, 2011  that will ban the sale and professional installation of old school single speed pumps for any owner using models of one horsepower or greater, which are the most typically used by pool owners.  They are to be replaced by two speed or multispeed pool pumps which use much less energy.

It will be okay to use an old pump until it dies.  You will have to upgrade to an energy efficient one when replacing the old one unless it is still under the original manufacturers warranty.

The new law will apply to residential pools and in ground spas using pumps or motors of one horsepower or greater; but not portable spas.  To get an idea how much your old style pool pump is costing you monthly, check out the Florida Power and light website at  Place your cursor on the tab "My Home" and click on " appliance Guide" and then Pools and Spas.   This may lead to energy efficient ways to save you in the end.