Downtown Sanford Alive After 5 & Sanford Brewing Company

Welcome to Sanford Florida!

In great company while filming this segment of The American Dream TV. Tonight we were at Alive After 5 in Downtown Sanford- Thanks for your help Tobi Moyle !! We had such a great time filming this episode. If you haven't seen Downtown Sanford recently - come check out the fun with us!

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Video Transcript:

Karen, it's great to see you! Hi, how are you? Great, great Thanks for coming out. Thanks for having me. 
Welcome to Sanford Florida - you've never been here. 
I haven't, it's been a very, very long time since I have been to Downtown Sanford Florida and look at all of the growth! Can you tell me a little bit about downtown?  
It's amazing, we have the downtown antique shops, we have gastro pubs, we have really nice eclectic bars. I mean it's really really cool! You really gotta check it out. 
Now there's an event going on, I understand, a little bit of a street festival, is that right? 
Right, Tonight is called Alive After 5 and it's the second Thur of every month. It's where all the vendors showcase their businesses and it's just a really cool night. They have BBQ's and street vendors. Just a really fun night. We ought to check it out.
I'd definitely say, if you've go vendors and street vendors and some food and maybe some drinks?
Little bit of drinks!
And I've got a great surprise for you later, called the Sanford Brewing house, I want to show to you.
Sounds great, awesome, let's go check it out!
Wow, it looks like we had some live bands back there and some great vendors and people selling things.
Yes, they had a BBQ contest between street vendors, we always try to promote local businesses in Sanford. That's what you like is the locals.
That's right, looks like we had some shopping, and now you mentioned something earlier about eating and drinking. So what did you have in mind?
Right! There's a really killer craft brewery right down the street and I just wanted to show you the behind the scenes VIP tour of it, the Sanford Brewing Company. 
Awesome, sounds good! Let's go! 
So, if you haven't had enough beer at the street festival, I understand that the beer at the Sanford Brewing Company we can get some more beer, is that right?
Yeah, they make their own craft cocktails and signature beers. We are going to get the VIP tour here which is really exciting!
So Alan, what an amazing facility, I've never seen anything like this, and I'd really appreciate giving us the behind the scenes tour! How many beers to you actually make here?
I think we are up about 38 different beers now. 
So, I'm here with Bo, one of the owners of the Sanford Brewing Company and great to meet you Bo!
Nice to meet you, thank you for coming in.
Thanks for having us. I understand that you have some great food here. 
Well we do!
Can you tell us a little about some of maybe your favorites?
Sure, so one of the things we decided on early on is we wanted to set ourselves apart by not just offering great beer, but having some excellent food to go along with it. So we really do have some excellent dishes here and we have some stuff that I feel like sets ourselves apart.
This is one of the flagship to see if you're in Downtown Sanford. I mean it's a must must see! Thank you for the VIP tour with Allan and we'll see you here!

Orlando   Season 5, Episode 1   Karen Arbutine