It is this time of year to have a well-manicured lawn.  There are smart ways to spend your landscaping dollars and some which are not very smart either.

Here are few tips from designers and architects that will interest you.



Get a design of your landscaping.  If you are on a limited budget go in order of implementation start with a patio which adds the most value and it has a great impact, then irrigation and then focus on your landscaping.


Keep it simple.


Purchase quality even if it means buying less.


Work with the environment you have.  Use native plants because they are more affordable to maintain.




Don't do anything you don not have the money or time to maintain.


Don't focus on the back yard first, do the front yard first.


Don't spend money on items you will not use like lawn ornaments or concrete curbing.


Don't overplant. 


Don't spend a lot of money on lighting for your landscape.  Lights are expensive and more to maintain.