5 Landscaping Tips That Will Increase the Price of Your Home (in Orlando)

By: Sam Lambert


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Curb appeal is an essential aspect of selling your home quickly. The first thing that a potential buyer can notice is the landscape of a house; it is critical to making sure that your home is attractive and inviting. Not only is it vital to clean up the exterior portions, like siding and windows, but the surrounding landscaping plays a large part in the perceived resale value. Consider these landscaping tips that will increase your homes curb appeal and the price in Orlando.


1. Mow Regularly
Many Orlando residences have warm season grass lawns, like Zoysia Grass or Bermudagrass, that will continue to grow in the warm Floridian climate. Make sure that you mow the lawn on a regular basis during the home selling process. Different grass types should be cut at different heights; follow this guide by Wikilawn to see which height is right for your grass. If the grass turns brown in the winter, you may need to overseed with a cool season variety like Kentucky Bluegrass to keep the lawn green to be more appealing to buyers. Edging the lawn is also crucial to make a subtle impact on the potential buyers that will be touring your home.

2. Plant Flowers
A little bit of color goes a long way when it comes to landscaping. Make sure that the color within your yard is not only tasteful but also reflective of the home that you keep inside. Consider planting flowers that enjoy the Orlando climate, like Pentas, alongside the walkway leading up to your front door to help usher guests inside. Other ways to include flowers in your landscaping is to add potted flowers around the garden. Place a pot of coreopsis, Florida's state flower, near the entryway of your home as well as any other areas within your garden that need a boost of interest.

3. Keep It Trimmed
One of the most important ways to show that you care for your home is to trim the plants and trees in your yard. Taming overgrown shrubs and low-lying tree limbs will help to show potential buyers that you have properly cared for your home over the years. Trimming will also help boost curb appeal as potential buyers will have a clear view from the road instead of looking at overgrown landscaping. If this seems like too large of a job for you consider hiring a local lawn care company that also does tree trimming to get your yard in top condition.

4. Remove Sick Plants
New homeowners will want to see landscaping that is full of healthy plants. Check each plant within your yard to make sure that it is doing well and doesn't need any extra attention. Remove any spent plants to not deter from the overall look of the yard. Don't be afraid to pull out plants that aren't doing well to boost curb appeal. Frequently less is more when it comes to landscaping as potential buyers will have the space to add in their varieties once they have purchased your home.

5. Spread Mulch
Adding mulch to the flowerbeds surrounding your home is an instant way to provide an upgraded look to the landscaping. Consider spreading organic mulch, like bark dust, around landscaped plants to create a unifying look to your garden. Inorganic mulches, like pea gravel or pebbles, can also provide a professional look to increase the price of your home. Mulches not only look great but they also help to cut down on weed growth as well as help to retain moisture to thirsty plants. Spreading mulch after you take out a plant will also help cover up the area to provide a uniform look.

The process of selling a home can be overwhelming for many homeowners. Make sure that you provide the best version of your residence by creating curb appeal and interest to potential buyers. Continuing to mow the lawn regularly as well as trimming trees and bushes will help to provide a clean look to your home. Planting flowers that grow well in the Orlando area is another way to add color and interest to your landscaping. Choosing to remove sick or dead plants as well as adding a layer of mulch will instantly boost the curb appeal as well. Consider all of these landscaping tips that will increase the price of your home this season.

Sam Lambert is an outdoor living expert. Sam loves cultivating his own fruit and vegetables in his backyard. You might have seen Sam riding past you on a local dirt biking trail or climbing a nearby rock wall.

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