Graduation Day!

Bear is Officially a Therapy Dog

After many hours/days/weeks/months, 9 months to be exact, of training:

  • 90+ Hrs Individual & Supervised Training
  • Written Tests
  • Final Dog Exam

Bear and I Have Finally Graduated!

Pawfection Therapy Dog Graduation Ceremony

What is a Therapy Dog?

A Therapy Dog's purpose is to help people's psychological and physiological well being. The training is all about being affectionate, comforting and to give emotional support. They are chosen from dogs that already show a friendly and easy-going disposition. It is important to actively socialize your dog around adults, children, other animals and strange situations. They undergo extensive modification training and have to pass many assesments along the way.

Any dog can be an Therapy Dog, but Labrador Retriever's top the list as they are normally a happy, gentle, and intelligent bread. The list continues with German Shepherds, Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Beagles, Corgies, Pugs and Spaniels.


Do they Really Help?

Absolutely! Many independent studies have shown spending 15 to 30 minutes with a dog (or cat) can help boost your serotonin levels and lift your mood .... The presence of these animals can help with pain, anxiety and depression.


What's Next?

Here is what it is all about! Now Bear & I get to turn what we have learned into action. We are so looking forward to helping children, senior citizens, nursing home patients by bringing enrichment to their lives! The opportunities are really endless. There are programs in schools to help children read by reading to a non-judgemental therapy dog each week. Chemotherapy patients pass their treatment time more quickly while petting an attentive therapy dog patiently sitting at their side. Catching a smile on a patient's face can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a handler's life.




Bear "Wild Child! To run happy and free as any pup can be. Running with the Wind. Jumping in Puddles....Thoroughly Enjoying Life! You march to the beat of your own drum." ??