Longwood FL - The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes Golf Club has recent developments.

The Club's owner, Heritage Golf Alaqua Lakes, LLC is in default of its obligations to its lender.  In an effort to explore various alternatives to address these defaults, Alaqua Lakes consented to the appointment of Mr. Kevin O'Halloran as receiver.   The appointment of the Receiver creates a legal change, Alaqua Lakes, the Club and the lender are all working together with the Receiver to ensure this change does not negatively impact your enjoyment of the Club or any of its services or amenities. 


This will not impact the rights as a member to use the facilities

The existing management team will continue to operate the golf course, club house and pro shop in exactly the same way you have grown to expect and enjoy.  You may continue to utilize these amenities in the same way as you have in the past.

Alaqua Lakes lender is committed to preserving and protecting the Club.  The Club will continue to be maintained and services provided at the same high level as before.


If you have questions, please feel free to call Ron Paris General Manager, at  407  444-9995 or email rparris@heritagegolfgroup.com.