10 "Must-Know" Tips for Evacuating a Hurricane with your Pet.

With peak hurricane season approaching (September 10th). It's important to remember how to care for your pets if you ever need to evacuate. "Toegrips.com" has put together 10 important tips to help keep your furry companions safe during an emergency evacuation. 

1. Put a disaster plan together. (include a backup plan)

  • Create a list of pet-friendly hotels/motels if you need to seek refuge.(note: many places will waive pet deposits)  
  • Do some research on reputable vets in the area you plan on staying. If something happens to your pet while you’re out you’ll want to make sure you take them to someone who will get them the care they need.
  • If for some reason you aren’t able to keep your pet with you make sure to find some good boarding facilities. Call ahead to get a reservation.

2. Have access to your pet’s medical records.

Pro tip: Scan them or take a clear photo with your phone. If something happens to your phone it may also be a good idea to email it to yourself.

3. Be sure that your pet is up to date on their vaccinations.

 If you’re in a pinch and there aren’t a ton of options available, the last thing you need is to be denied because your pet isn’t up to date with their shots.

4. Bring a first aid kit equipped for your pet.

Accidents can happen and having to deal with that on top of all the other added stress brought by the storm you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for anything.

Some important items to bring are:

  • A copy of their medical records.
  • An extra leash & collar.
  • Some treats.
  • Benadryl. (make sure to have appropriate dosage) (make sure xylitol is not an ingredient which is very harmful to dogs)
  • Exam Gloves.
  • Scissors.
  • Bandage material.
  • 4” elastic bandage.
  • Saline eye rinse.
  • Tweezers.
  • Tick Remover.
  • Instant cold pack.
  • Thermometer and KY Jelly for insertion.
  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Muzzle (a dog in pain may bite when you try to help them)
  • Phone number for animal poison control.

5. Create a list of everything you need to bring for your pet.

When you’re in a rush to get out you don’t want to forget any necessities you need for your pet. Some items may include:

  • Dog food.
  • Water.
  • Food & water bowls.
  • Medications.
  • Poop bags.
  • Blanket.
  • Crate or travel kennel.
  • Disaster kit, emergency kit or first aid kit.
  • Emergency contact information.

6. Crate train them.

Yes, this is something that needs to be taught in advance but even if you’re not planning on evacuating the weather conditions may linger for hours, sometimes days and you won’t want to run out during the storm to have them go to the restroom.

7. Plan for your pets emotional well-being.

Many animals get anxiety when there’s a severe storm or if they are taken away from their day to day routine. Know what to do and how to help your pet stay calm.

8. Safeguard your pet.

Your pet may become scared during the chaos. If they bolt from your car at a rest stop or someone opens a door at the hotel room, make sure they have the proper identification so they get returned to you. Make sure you’ve got a current photo of them incase you need to put up signs.

9. Discuss what to do if you do evacuate.

This is another situation that needs to be done in advance but rushing last minute trying to come up with a plan will only increase stress.

10. Speak with your vet.

Make sure you’ve got everything your pet needs in case of an emergency. Whether it be extra medicine or just some needed tips to help calm them, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got everything you need before you leave.

Hopefully this list helps. Trying to evacuate from a hurricane can be a recipe for disaster if you aren’t prepared. Talk to your family & friends ahead of time to come up with a plan. 


Source: https://toegrips.com/dogs-and-hurricanes-evacuating-with-pets/