Per FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency) there may be help to those struggling to make repairs after Irma while keeping up on their mortgage payments.  Payments could be deferred or put on the back of the mortgage to help with immediate cash flow to fix damaged homes.  Even if your home is insured, you may be waiting weeks or months for the insurance to come through and with this program you could defer payments, make your repairs today, then pay the deferred mortgage when the insurance check finally comes.

Contact your lender to see if you are eligible for a deferment, modification or an equity line of credit to help with immediate repairs such as roof leaks, broken windows, etc.  Your mortgage company’s contact information should be on your monthly mortgage statement or coupon booklet. For further assistance in contacting your lender, call 888.995.4673.


Fannie Mae – 800.232.6643

Freddie Mac – 800.373.3343

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